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Lucky Luxury Co. was created by our founder Annie, as a result of a lifetime of influence from her mom, grandmother, and sister.  The four of them have always been interested in positivity, affirmations, manifestations, psychics, pretty much anything in that realm. 

It wasn’t clear how this passion could be turned into a business until one night Annie realized that the sign had been in front of her all along.  Her grandmother was always leaving little gratitude notes all over her home in order to remember to have a more grateful heart and attract more abundance.  That’s when Annie realized that her grandmother’s little “reminders” could be turned into something that’s worn.  That’s when it clicked…intentional jewelry.

Intentional jewelry is a daily reminder of what you want more of, whether it’s gratitude, protection, faith, good fortune, anything.  While you're wearing the pieces, you're reminded of what they symbolize in your life. This combined Annie’s love for positivity with her creative side and the jewelry was born.

What started out as jewelry has turned into a shop full of items for positive vibes. 

Long story short, these pieces are meant to inspire you in any way that aligns with your soul.